Music to listen to when driving to the coast. For a generation that is still wearing its digital watch, not ready to grow up, already asking itself what it has been shaped by, the pop band from Leipzig knows its roots. Sometimes bewitched by twilight, sometimes full of hope and with striking imagery, they take their listeners on a journey, accompanied by hardly concealed melancholia. Sparkling sounds, which are not trying to hide their patina.  In 2011, their debut-EP “The plain living” was released, proving that pop songs don’t have to be generic nor random in order to be catchy. With the release of their first full-length Album “Segments”, CHOIRS intensify their sound and stir the fragments of collective memories. On their recent live tour, by now the second, the group blossomed into a robust live act, able to present this complex sound on stage. Now, after two and a half years of intensive work, Lukas Steinbrecher (Vocals), Felix Rödiger (Guitar), Christoph Legall (Guitar, Synth), Sebastian Schütze (Bass, Synth) and Jens Göb (Drums) present their second album.